I’ve been a graphic designer since completing college at the Commercial Arts Training College (then Centre) in 1990. I’ve had many varied jobs, my first being a 2 colour paste-up artist and printers-hand. Now that was interesting if you think of how graphic designers work in 2011. Ordering and cutting type, PMT’s, hand throwing verco powder, helping hot foil stamping (ouch) and pre-fanning paper by hand were just a few of my duties. I’ve been a self employed sign-writer just at the end of hand lettering and mahl sticks and was once abused by an old guy while up a ladder for “sticking those letters on and not doing it properly”. I will endeavour to rifle through my old boxes and pull out some ink drawings and paste-up jobs to post here, even if the design is atrocious!
Move on a few years and multi-media was the buzz word of the 90’s and Total Impact (great 90’s name) employed me as a multi-media graphic artist. What an exciting and impressive title that was. Although it still didn’t impress the ladies any more than just plain old graphic artist. Before desktop computers, presentations were projected onto large cinema type screens with 35mm slide projectors and Total Impact were one of the best in Australia. The largest shows were done with banks of up to 16 projectors all working in unison and using graduated masks to project a 16:9 widescreen image. Graham Howlett (long time no see mate!) would tirelessly program these presentations in a dark room with the endless clacking of projectors for days on end. My days in the photographic dark room tirelessly developing and copying slides are treasured ones. I miss the days of doing things manually.

I was lucky my Dad, Graham worked at the Prentice Centre at The University of Queensland and often brought home Macs for my brother and I to play, which I guess sparked my love affair with Apple. The first was an AppleII and I spent a lot of time on 8bit SE’s with Illustrator 88′. No transparency or layers back then! My first work box was an Apple Macintosh Quadra 840AV. 84 mg ram and speakers in the monitor! Also upgrading from 44 mg Syquest drives to 88 mg was an amazing thing. I’ve always been quite inquisitive with computer applications and without any formal teaching I believe this has been an essential contributor to my technical skills.

Some other positions I’ve had the pleasure to hold have been an ad designer at a mountain newspaper in Canada, an editorial graphic designer for a magazine publisher and cleaning youth hostels for 4 quid an hour in Edinburgh. Now into the 10’s with Rob and Chris at Halfnine and still loving graphic design, I look forward to the future and hope to remain a humble graphic designer and one day strive to be called… an artisan?

Oh yeah, I basically wanted an easy reference for the work I’ve designed over the years and I can say 99% of this work and everything you see in it is 100% designed by me, albeit good or bad. Remember, art is subjective unless you’re being paid for it then the client knows best!. It’s still a work in progress so it could take a wee while.

Call me or email, I don’t mind a good chat – 0421 054794